Infant formula wholesale

Baby milk formulas are products whose quality is of critical importance. Despite the fact that breastfeeding is optimal for children, sometimes there are situations when it is impossible to breastfeed the baby. Milk may not be enough or it can be absend at all; in addition, the child may have lactose intolerance. In this case, you can not do without adapted baby milk powder.

Unfortunately, cases when full-fledged breastfeeding is not possible are not so rare. Therefore, it is important that formula milk powder be sold everywhere. Recognizing this need, shops, pharmacies and many other businesses are looking for the opportunity to buy infant formula on the most favorable terms for themselves. A direct cooperation with the Solbritt factory will satisfy all the needs of such businesses.

First of all, the products of the Solbritt plant are guaranteed to be of high quality. Nuppi infant formulas are certified in the EU and in many regions of the world, they are also HALAL certified, which allows them to be freely sold in Muslim countries.

The next advantage of Solbritt is logistics. Using all types of transportation, the plant’s logisticians will find the shortest way to anywhere in the world. Products are guaranteed to be delivered as quickly as possible, in a convenient way for the buyer. The shelf life of products is also important: with fast delivery, the buyer gets the opportunity to store infant milk powder in warehouses for as long as possible.

The third advantage of Solbritt is design. Firstly, it is convenient: carton packs and tin cans are easily packed, conveniently stored without requiring special conditions. Secondly, it is bright, thanks to which the milk for new born is visible on the shelves and attractive to the buyer.

The fourth important advantage is the ability to manufacture products under a private label for a specific client. If you need ‘private label’ branding or even the creation of a specific unique recipe, taking into account the characteristics of the region, Solbritt will take it on. As a result, more than 70 years of experience of the plant, its modern equipment and ideas regarding recipes will be combined with the needs of the wholesale buyer. And a new product will be born, high-quality, certified (since the plant itself and its production processes have certificates) and guaranteed to be successful. After all, a wholesale buyer knows exactly what he can sell with maximum benefit for himself. And the Solbritt plant knows how to make such a product healthy, safe and meet the high requirements for baby food.