The production lines of the Solbritt plant are equipped with the most modern European equipment. Modern technologies help to preserve all nutrients, vitamins and microelements in the form in which it is easiest for the child’s body to absorb them. Every day the plant processes 300-400 tons of fresh milk.

The main components of our production are experience and modern technologies. We exist since 1939 and have our own traditions. And at the same time, we use the latest equipment and high technologies – because they give us more opportunities to make our products healthy and safe. We produce food for infants, which means that quality comes first for us.

Production is maximally computerized and automated. This helps to achieve maximum results in quality control and the most accurate recipe compliance.

In an ecological sense, our production is completely safe. Let’s start with the fact that we are located in Estonia, one of the most environmentally friendly countries in the EU. Half of the territory of Estonia is occupied by forests. The city of Rapla, where our factory is located, is surrounded by meadows and forests. It is very green here and there is no polluting production. There are farms around, because Rapla is located in the center of the dairy industry.

Therefore, the milk that we use is the freshest, it is delivered from the surrounding farms.

Our plant also does not pollute nature. We use only “green energy" from renewable sources (hydroelectricity, wind energy, solar). Our equipment complies with EU standards in terms of environmental impact.

Our workshops are perfectly clean. Sanitary control is an organic part of multistage quality control. In addition to production facilities, we have our own laboratory, where products are tested in the most thorough manner. Each batch of products goes through three stages of control:

Stage 1 – selection of milk. Each batch passes quality control by our specialists, and only those that meet our high requirements are taken into work.

Stage 2 – production of raw materials using high-tech equipment. Raw materials are also tested for quality.

Stage 3 – laboratory quality control of the finished product before packaging.

Our infant formula milk is manufactured in accordance with all WHO requirements. This serves as an additional guarantee of quality.