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About us

Manufacturing plant with 75 years of experience.

АS Solbritt is specialized in the production of dry dairy products for babies. Using years of experience of producing a wide range of dairy products, АS Solbritt produces infant formula like adapted milk powder under its own brand named NUPPI® for healthy children and children with special dietary needs, from birth to three years.
Our brand NUPPI® is developed in accordance with EU regulations . АS Solbritt follows strictly WHO recommendations in the production and sales.
Company has a strict quality control from raw materials purchased in Europe to the finished product of the latest international standards and regulatory requirements in accordance with Codex Alimentarius and HACCP. The production is certified according to ISO 9001:2008.
AS Solbritt is granted by EU Certification because we have taken care of our regulatory obligations appropriately and have delivered notifications to authorities on time, paid the related fees, and have a valid business ID.
Applying the latest scientific and technological achievements , buying high-quality ingredients from the EU, company АS Solbritt manufactures products for the most demanding and sensitive consumers.
We care about our children's health - they are our future!

       Our values:

     JSC Solbritt business objective is to manufacture and market its products in a way that it creates long-term          sustainable values for employees, consumers and business partners.

     We do not prefer short-term profit to company’s long-term and successful development.

     Without consumers there would be no company,  so JSC Solbritt is working in the way that its consumers            would not feel ashamed of the company’s behavior, understandings and actions behind their trusted brands.

     Responsible behavior and giving the team voluntary business concepts in the form of additional guidelines            guarantee that all standards are being performed throughout the whole organisation.

     Since the company’s success reflects in the company’s employees and management professionalism, behavior      and responsible attitude, it is crucial recruiting, training and developing the right people.

     JSC Solbritt complies and respects applicable laws of local markets.

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