For wholesale customers

The Solbritt factory carries out wholesale deliveries of its products to any country of the world. If you want to buy baby milk in bulk, contact us and our logisticians will work out the simplest delivery method.

We deliver our products by any means of transport, we use TIR, air and sea transportation. If you have specific wishes regarding the method and time of delivery, we will take them into account.

We work without intermediaries! Thus, you will always have up-to-date information about the quantity and range of our products, the best prices and additional services that are important to you. So, we can produce products under the “private label” specially for you. We will create a recipe that will take into account all our developments, all the best that we can offer, and at the same time meet your requirements. If you need your branding, we will help with that as well.

The Solbritt plant has international quality certificates, which make it possible to sell our products in any country in the world. Our company is certified according to HACCP, ISO 9001:2015, GMP, HALAL standards. Multi-stage quality control begins with the selection of raw materials. We only use milk from EU certified farms.

We remember how important product shelf life is for wholesale buyers. Therefore, only the freshest formula powders are always in deliveries. Thus, it can be stored in your warehouses for a long time. The deliveries themselves are always carried out as soon as possible.

The design of our infant formula milk compares favorably with the design of competitors’ products, this product will stand out on the shelves. The packaging is made in such a way that the products are easy to store. In addition, a special oxygen-free packaging system increases the shelf life of the infant formulas. Deliveries are carried out in large packages and euro pallets, which allows you to quickly assemble a batch of any size.