Goat milk infant formula

Solbritt’s Nuppi formula milk powders are designed for infants. They can be used from the first day of a child’s life. However, the Solbritt factory knows very well that the best nutrition for a breastfed baby is mother’s milk. Therefore, the formulation of milk formulas is as close to breast milk as possible.

The Solbritt factory operates in Estonia. This country is famous for its dairy industry, and cow’s milk is predominantly used there. Therefore, Nuppi milk formulas, according to the recipe, include exactly it. However, this is not the only possible option.

So, the Solbritt plant can also work with goat’s milk. It is known that some regions prefer newborn formula with this ingredient. And although it is impossible to change the approved recipe in the neonate formulas of Nuppi, a trademark of the Solbritt factory, the factory constantly produces baby food with goat’s milk. Mostly it is sold under the buyer’s brand – under a private label.

Private label is a convenient and absolutely legal way to get your own recipe of guaranteed quality products. Branding is made “for the client”, but the quality will certainly be the highest. After all, private label products will be produced by highly professional specialists of the Solbritt plant, using modern equipment from the best European manufacturers, from selected certified raw materials.

After production, infant formulas will be shipped and delivered as quickly as possible, because Solbritt plant logisticians will develop the shortest routes, and, if necessary, will attract air transport or ships. In this way, the client will receive his order so quickly that it is easy to imagine that the purchased formula was produced by the client himself. Therefore, even if the company that ordered the private label is located very far from Estonia, this will not be a problem. The powder formula for newborn will be the freshest.