Nuppi Anti-reflux

0-12 month

Contains locust bean gum, which gives the mixture a thick consistency and helps to reduce the frequency and intensity of regurgitation.

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Packaging: cans in a box 350 g

Cans in a box: 24

Cans on a euro pallet: 1224

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Nuppi Anti-Reflux is an infant formula designed for babies who often spit up. When spitting up, the body of the child loses part of the nutrition, and it is usually difficult to determine which part. Accordingly, it is difficult to calculate how many important substances the baby did not receive and how to make up for this loss. Parents are at risk of underfeeding or overfeeding their child. In addition, the need for excess feeding introduces additional costs.

To solve these problems, we have developed Nuppi Anti-Reflux. Our experts have studied the causes and mechanisms of regurgitation and developed a unique recipe. The Nuppi AR formula contains locust bean gum. It is a thickener of natural origin, completely safe for the human body. It is often used in the food industry. The locust bean gum makes the mixture thicker, reducing the frequency and intensity of regurgitation. At the same time, the taste and nutritional qualities of the formula do not deteriorate.

Nuppi AR is designed for children aged 0-12 months. It can be given to a child from the first day of life. It contains everything that is necessary for the optimal development of the baby. Rapid growth and weight gain, protection against diseases and the formation of immunity, physical activity, brain development – this and much more was the focus of the creators of the formula. In particular, Nuppi AR contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals, as well as:

a) prebiotics (galactooligosaccharides and fructooligosaccharides) – help to quickly form a beneficial microflora in the intestine. This is necessary for comfortable digestion;

b) Nucleotides are the building blocks that make up DNA and RNA. Babies grow very fast. This means that they form many new cells, each of which requires DNA and RNA. If there is a lack of nucleotides in the body, the child will grow more slowly than is determined by nature. The faster RNA is formed, the faster new proteins are built and new cells grow.

All substances are in a form that is most easily absorbed by the child’s body.

The mixture is packaged in packs of 350 g. For those who want to buy baby formula in bulk, we offer packages of 24 packs and euro pallets of 1224 packs.

Locust bean gum, Prebiotics, Nucleotides, DHA

Attention! The composition of the product for each country may differ depending on the requirements of baby food standards. Before ordering, please check the possible specification of the product composition for your country.

ISO-9001:2015 Quality Management System. Quality and safety analysis – HACCP system. Made in Estonia. HALAL certificate.