Nuppi Gold 3

Over 12 month

Dry adapted growing up milk formula with vitamins and minerals for toddlers from 12 months and older

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Packaging: Tin can 350 g / Cardboard box 300 g

Cans in a box: 24

Cans on a euro pallet: 1224

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Nuppi Gold is a range of baby milks made with an improved formula. They include ingredients that will ensure optimal development of a baby. And, of course, they are made on the basis of milk, because it is an ideal product for a child.

Nuppi Gold 3 is a dry adapted milk formula for children over 12 months old. This is the third stage of a child’s life, so the name contains the number 3. The growing up milk powder formula contains all the necessary substances, enriched with vitamins and microelements. The concentration of ingredients is important. It is thought out so that the substances influence each other and are better absorbed. Not surprisingly, the ideal concentration closely resembles the composition of breast milk. However, at this age, milk alone is no longer enough for a child.

Therefore, the Nuppi Gold 3 formula contains substances that are not characteristic of milk, but are necessary for the development of a toddler.

The norms of vitamins and minerals are designed for babies aged 12 months and older. It is also taken into account that at this age children actively move, in particular, they begin to walk. They need to strengthen the skeleton, prevent movement-related diseases. Proper development of teeth is also important. Therefore, Nuppi Gold 3 has a high content of cow’s milk: it has a lot of calcium.

In the Nuppi Gold 3 formula, great importance is placed on palatability. After all, the child’s taste buds are already quite well developed, and it becomes especially important for him to like the food.

The growing up milk formula also includes:

a) prebiotics (galactooligosaccharides and fructooligosaccharides) – help to quickly form a beneficial microflora in the intestine. This is necessary for comfortable digestion;

b) Nucleotides are the building blocks that make up DNA and RNA. Babies grow very fast. This means that many new cells are being formed, each of which requires DNA and RNA. If there is a lack of nucleotides in the body, the child will grow more slowly than is determined by nature. The faster RNA is formed, the faster new proteins are built and new cells grow.

c) omega-3, omega-6 are important and beneficial fatty acids for the body. An important feature of Nuppi Gold is that we do not use cod-liver oil, as most manufacturers do. We use fish oil. Cod-liver oil is made from the liver of fish because it’s simpler: the liver is the body’s storehouse of substances. But cod-liver oil also contains a lot of “superfluous", for example, ballast fatty substances. Fish oil is made from the flesh of fish and does not contain anything extra. Therefore, it is more beneficial for children.

The formula is packaged in carton packs or tins of 350 g. For those who want to buy baby formula in bulk, we offer packages of 24 carton packs/tins and euro pallets of 1224 carton packs/tins.

Prebiotics (GOS and FOS), Nucleotides, Omega-3 and Omega-6, long-chain polyunsaturated, fatty acids (ARA/DHA)

Attention! The composition of the product for each country may differ depending on the requirements of baby food standards. Before ordering, please check the possible specification of the product composition for your country.

ISO-9001:2015 Quality Management System. Quality and safety analysis – HACCP system. Made in Estonia. HALAL certificate.