Nuppi EMA

Over 18 years

Milk-based dry mixture enriched with vitamins and minerals for additional nutrition for pregnant and lactating women.

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Packaging: cardboard box 400 g

Cans in a box: 24

Cans on a euro pallet: 1224

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Nuppi EMA is a product for moms. We produce formulas for babies, but the health of the baby depends primarily on the health of the mother. Therefore, we have developed a product for pregnant and lactating women. Nuppi EMA is a powdered milk formula that should be consumed as a supplement to the main diet. It contains vitamins, minerals and other substances that will provide support for the mother’s body during the difficult period of pregnancy and lactation.

In normal times, we make sure that our body gets everything it needs, we take useful supplements, vitamins. During pregnancy and lactation, a mother must give a part of the substances received from food to the child. So she needs to get more from food than usual. Nuppi EMA will help with that.

The Nuppi EMA dry milk-based mixture is designed to be consumed daily. One portion of the mixture per day – and the mother receives all the necessary vitamins, minerals, stabilizes the intestinal microflora. The composition of the mixture, in particular, includes:

a) probiotics – bifidobacteria that normalize the intestinal microflora. This is important for two reasons. Firstly, the food received by a mother will be better absorbed, the loss of nutrients will decrease. Secondly, the microflora strengthens the immunity of both mother and baby;

b) omega-3s are essential fatty acids that can only be obtained from diet. If they are not enough, not only the mother’s body suffers. These fatty acids are necessary for the formation of the child’s brain and organs of vision;

c) folic acid – it is also critical for the development of the baby’s nervous system. Sufficient folic acid significantly reduces the risk of neural tube defects. However, the lack of this substance is extremely common, so it is important to monitor its content in the diet.

The mixture is packaged in carton packs of 400 g. For those who want to buy Nuppi EMA milk formula in bulk, we offer carton boxes of 24 packs and euro pallets of 1224 packs.

Vitamins and minerals.

Attention! The composition of the product for each country may differ depending on the requirements of baby food standards. Before ordering, please check the possible specification of the product composition for your country.

ISO-9001:2015 Quality Management System. Quality and safety analysis – HACCP system. Made in Estonia. HALAL certificate.